Global Rebalance creates the rebalance lifestyle to align body, mind and spirit. We believe that perfect balance doesn’t exist, and that only rebalance is real. We must all seek rebalance daily to feel our true nature.

The brand is founded by designer Jacquiline Ø. and evangelist Michell Léon. We take an innovative approach to rebalance and use a unique combination of pilates, writing and symbols.

  • Our pilates system rebalances your body.
  • Our writing method rebalances your mind.
  • Our sacred geometry symbols rebalance your spirit.

All of our symbols are based on patterns of nature, hence you feel your true nature when you look at them. 

By combining them with Five Element Writing and Rebalance Pilates it all comes together as a complete lifestyle of rebalance.

Jacquiline Ø. // Designer // (born 1976) has a background in business and Pilates and is a self taught designer. After a serious traffic accident in 2002 that gave her a double whiplash she had to give up a lucrative business leader track and find a new way in life.

She found Pilates and also spend more than ten years in the personal development industry. As a result of that she developed her philosophy of rebalance, which she uses every day in her continuous process of healing herself.

She has always had an extensive interest in design and has been drawing symbols since childhood.

Michell Léon // Writer & Evangelist // (born 1972) is originally educated as a journalist and worked as a ghostwriter and political speech writer at top government level in Denmark before becoming an entrepreneur. He has since been involved in various entrepreneurial projects as an evangelist, among others Duckling where he is Co-founder.

Along the way, through a ghostwriting project, he met his spiritual mentor, Calle Montsegur, who was a seer living in Andalusía, Spain. He told Michell that one day he would write the new scrolls as part of creating the new symbols. He never really understood what it meant until many years later when he met Jacquiline. Then everything came together.

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