Global Rebalance is a Danish art brand that creates symbols and books.

We believe that perfect balance doesn’t exist; only rebalance.

With our symbols and books we wish to inspire the world to rebalance.

Who is behind the brand?

Hi, we are Jacquiline & Michell.

We are both highly creative people, but when we met everything clicked into place at a higher level and an old prophecy came through.

Jacquiline Østergaard // Artist & Entrepreneur // (born 1976) has a background in business and Pilates and is a self taught artist. After a serious traffic accident in 2002 she had to give up a lucrative business leader track and find a new way in life.

She became a top Pilates instructor and developed her philosophy of rebalance. Through this philosophy she was able to heal herself.

She has always had an interest in art and design and had been drawing symbols for years without knowing exactly what to use them for, until she met Michell.

Michell Léon Stjernberg // Writer & Entrepreneur // (born 1972) is originally educated as a journalist and worked as a ghost writer and political speech writer at top government level in Denmark before becoming an entrepreneur. He has since been involved in various entrepreneurial projects, among others Duckling where he is Co-founder.

Along the way, through a ghost writing project, he met his spiritual mentor, Calle Montsegur, who was a seer living in Andalusía, Spain. He told Michell that one day he would write the new scrolls and create the new symbols of the world, and that these would just come to him. He never really understood what it meant until many years later when he met Jacquiline. Then everything became crystal clear.