The world is out of whack in so many ways, and it's not one thing that fixes it, but many things at once. The goal of this community is to create a dynamic document that can help us rebalance our presence on this planet.

Our format is a trifecta of short updates, blog posts and a classic discussion forum. The idea is to have spontaneous ideas, case stories and deep level discussions coming together in a potent mix of inspiration and knowledge.

It's all tied together by hashtags that you can follow in separate channels. When you create a new hashtag the system automatically creates a new channel.

Freedom of speech

In an era where gossip, political correctness and censorship rule most communities we provide a place where everyone can speak their mind freely.

All we ask for in return is basic respect and consideration for one another. If we communicate with each other in a respectful, positive and constructive way, we can all learn from each other.

With a background in journalism we have taken an active part in developing the content of the internet since the mid 1990's. We believe in freedom of speech as a fundamental necessity for the progress of any society.

Your own language

We are Danish, which is a small nation, and we believe being able to express yourself in your own language is essential to maintaining diversity and developing our respective cultures.

We encourage you to use your own language in the community whenever it makes sense.

Having said that we also recognize the fact that the only global language in the world of today is English, which is why we are using it as the official language of the community.


Standard usage of globalrebalance.com is text based and free.

On top of that we offer a premium plan for being able to publish visual content, links and polls. The premium plan is currently priced at 15€/year.

Data protection

We value decentralization and privacy and do everything we can to keep your data safe. As a result, this community is build on open source software and hosted in Iceland, which has the toughest privacy laws in the world.

We will never sell your data, and you will never see adds in this community. Instead, we ask for a small subscription for premium plans. We believe that's a fair deal and how the internet should be.