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Entrepreneurs are key to the future

I have always thought that entrepreneurs are artists of the business world. They are the ones with the ability to tap into the future and create a new reality for all of us to see and participate in. To me, that's a very noble role to have in the world of today where the need for a new reality is apparent for everyone, even the hardest sceptic.

Entrepreneurs are willing to sacrifice a lot of things in life in order to realize their visions, because they believe in being part of a bigger agenda and reaching it by changing the world as we know it. In many ways entrepreneurs are the holy knights of today's world.

We need entrepreneurs more than ever before, and I believe they are key to fixing the world. They are the only ones who can spearhead change according to a higher agenda and still make a lot of money on it.

That's the difference between the holy knights of the past and the entrepreneurs of the future. The holy knights gave up on personal wealth and gain to advantage of their religious order, which got filthy rich. Entrepreneurs use personal wealth and gain as a natural lever to make a difference in the world. They understand that business is the order that runs the world today, and they use it to their advantage.

Through entrepreneurs we can learn that business and serving a higher agenda can not only go hand in hand, but also be the key to the future.

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