Rebalance Pilates

Rebalance Pilates lets you take back control of your body. It’s about undoing the damage that years of stress and immobility have done to your body, and feel your true nature. 

With small daily exercises rebalance becomes an integrated part of your life without thinking about it, and gradually you build a foundation for a bigger change of lifestyle. 

Game changer

Pilates has been a game changer for Jacquiline in her recovery after a severe car accident in 2002 that gave her a double whiplash. It started with Rehab Pilates, but she soon found out that Pilates was a lot more. 

She put her entire focus into it and became a top Pilates instructor certified with honors in two of the most prestigious Pilates systems in the world. In the following years it became a corner stone in developing the rebalance lifestyle.

Work under pressure

Rebalance Pilates is a synthesis of her accumulated knowledge and experience through 15 years of rehabilitation, and it’s specifically designed to work under pressure in complete integration with daily life. 

When ill, injured or pressed for time you want exercises that give you maximum effect with minimal effort, and you want to be able to do them anywhere. Jacquiline knows all too well that just going to the bathroom can be a whole day project when going through a rehabilitation process. The last thing you want is having to go to the gym or Pilates studio to train. 

“Tapas model”

The concept of Rebalance Pilates is simple and follows the “tapas model”. Every week we send you small exercises that you can explore and discuss with us in the Rebalance Community. They are little snippets of Rebalance Pilates, but make no mistake; they are part of a much greater whole. 

Over time you will be able to connect the dots and get a deeper understanding of the principles behind the system. You might even want to be certified in it and use it to build your own business, who knows? Whatever your desire the “tapas model” makes Rebalance Pilates much more accessible than traditional pilates systems with their steep learning curves. You can simply “hit the ground running” no matter who you are. 

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We wish that you take back control of your body, lead it with grace and feel your true nature.

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