The fundamental rules of human life are changing. To deal with that we need new symbols to reconnect with our true nature.

Symbols are everywhere in human life. We surround ourselves with them and take pride in identifying with them. A national flag. A company logo. A spiritual symbol.

There is an incredible power in symbols. We connect with them on several levels at once, and as a result they make us who we are both emotionally and mentally. They become anchor points and statements for the values we identify with, and the actions that go along with them.

Powerful tool

A symbol can change our behavior. From the moment we connect with it we begin to change our way of thinking, and it immediately changes what we do next.

Symbols can be seen as a powerful tool for developing our mind. There is a reason why ancient mystery schools used symbols to meditate on. Symbols gave them access to altered states of mind.

It’s about reflection

Human life is always trying to go somewhere else. To be more than what we are right now. To evolve into something better.

To do that we need a belief system based on values, and a promise that if we exercise those values we will get to that better place. This belief system is essentially what drives the change we go through, whatever it may be.

We need symbols to guide us along the way. They act as a beacon in our pursuit of the values and ideals attached to the symbols. They guide us back to our true nature.

New symbols

Most symbols are very old. They contain a lot of power, and many of them have served mankind for thousands of years. There is a lot of truth to ancient symbols, and we have a lot of affection for them. We respect them.

However, we live in an era where the fundamental rules of human life are changing. Life today is driven by knowledge that wasn’t accessible when most symbols were created.

In addition we are facing new technologies that challenge our way of thinking. Artificial intelligence, and the technologies that come with it, is an unprecedented event in human evolution. It will forever change what it means to be human.

To deal with that we need new symbols. Symbols build upon the foundation of the past and the knowledge of the present. Only by creating such a synthesis can we find our true nature as modern people.