Writing is not something you do. It’s something you let happen, because it expresses your true nature. That’s the true secret of writing.

We write more than ever before. Messages, social media posts and comments, not to mention blogs and e-mails. Also, traditional journals and notebooks are doing well and, believe it or not, old typewriters are popular again.

The number of books being written and published is unprecedented in history thanks to self publishing, and we have seen a boom in printed magazines for years.

The craft of writing has never been more active than now, and we have never had more need for it. It seems that the more image based our world becomes, the more we turn to writing to communicate and express ourselves.

Authentic voice

However, most writing today rarely contains the depth and beauty that arises from our inner source. Seldom do we encounter an authentic voice that speaks with originality and the invisible force of craftsmanship. 

We could, though, and it’s not that far away. With a bit of basic understanding of the process of writing most of the millions of writers out there could access their inner source and go several layers deeper in their craft. It would make their writing a lot more interesting and compelling to read.

You see, writing is personal. Very personal. The inner source of a writer is as unique as his finger print, and to access it you have to dig deep within. Writing will then happen automatically when you let it. That’s the true secret of writing. It’s not something you do. It’s something you let happen, because it’s who you are.

A tool to reconnect

That’s why we have created Five Element Writing. We simply believe in writing. Not just writing itself, but the process of writing. It can set you free as a human being. 

It can lead you to your inner source layer by layer and teach you how to tap into it at will. You can then unfold it through either your writing or any other activity. It transforms into anything you want, once you have it.

Writing is a state of awareness and can be used as a foundation for other ways of expressing yourself. It’s a tool to reconnect with your true nature.