Iris Romerdahl
Iris RomerdahlMentor & Coach

I have the symbols of Global Rebalance hanging on the walls in my coaching workspace. I feel the symbols are powerful and have a supportive effect. They deliver a clear, pure and focused energy to the room, me and my clients.

Ann-Louise Mathiesen
Ann-Louise MathiesenCoach & Guide

I love my symbols from Global Rebalance. They make me wonder and reflect upon my life. I’m discovering new perspectives of myself and how I wish to unfold it accordingly. I find them highly effective as motivational tools for that process.

Bjarke Calvin
Bjarke CalvinEntrepreneur & Founder of Duckling

As an entrepreneur you are constantly challenged on your belief in yourself and your perseverance towards your vision. The symbols has proved to be a valuable motivational tool for me to never give up, and to always be bigger than the problem I'm facing.

Sofia Viktoria Christensen
Sofia Viktoria ChristensenPsychological Learning Expert

The symbols keep me on track and challenge my thinking. Over the years I have tried many different self development processes, but none as powerful as this. It's accelerated learning and complete freedom combined.

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